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COVID Questionnaire


Please fill out the questionnaire before any in-person scouting activity.

If you cannot open this document, please log off of any VPN.





Ice Fishing

Posted by bheldke on Mar 4 2021 - 11:59pm

As temperatures are still in the 20's at night, we might be able to get out  Sunday, March 7--Let me know who might be interested. 

Get your annual 2021 fishing licenses now.  2020 licenses are still good until the end of the month.


I will check ice conditions on Saturday, March 6 and make a determination if we are okay for Sunday, otherwise we'll cancel.  


--SM Heldke

March22: Informational meeting for Northern Tier June 2021

Posted by bheldke on Mar 4 2021 - 11:48pm

An informational meeting for Northern Tier June 20-26, 2021. Northern Tier (northern Minnesota canoe adventure)

is undisputedly the best on-the-water High Adventure Experience in Scouting! 

T755 is sending two, 8 person crews in June.  The sign-up deadline is coming quickly in mid April!  We will review the trip and answer your questions at this meeting.

Scouts need to be 14 or "13 and completed 8th grade" to participate.  

March22, 7pm (before the main Troop meeting)

Thanks, Mr. Tate


MCC camp staff

Posted by bheldke on Feb 23 2021 - 12:25pm

Are you a fan of Rotary, Cole, D Bar A, or Gerber?  Would you like to spend more time there?  Consider working there all summer! 

The Michigan Crossroads Council is taking applications for their camp staff program.


Online application

covid protocol

Posted by bheldke on Feb 1 2021 - 9:10am

Troop 755, 

We feel we are doing our best to deliver the scouting program, an outdoor-oriented program, to our scouts while reacting to local and state guidelines and best practices with respect to COVID protocols.

That said, in the past we've had a scout testing positive for covid but from sources outside our troop.  This will happen, so while we were:

  • outside
  • socially-distanced
  • wearing face coverings

the protocol still requires that we, the scouts in close proximity for at least 15 minutes and all leaders regardless of location, quarantine for any in-person scouting events for two weeks. We will try to ensure we work in groups so that we can contact-trace with more accuracy and not affect the entire troop.   Some affected scouts even have to quarantine from in-person school, which is unfortunate.  

Please fill out this questionnaire before attending any in-person scouting activity  either by clicking the link or scanning our new QR code from your phone.



         Thanks for your patience and flexibility and continue to use best practices when interacting in society.  We all make a difference.


         Troop 755 Committee

Merit Badges -- Information for Scouts -- Session C, Jan-Mar 2021

Posted by mchalom on Jan 6 2021 - 6:52pm

Merit Badges for Session C (Jan-Mar),

THANK YOU to the Counselors below who are making these Merit Badges possible for our Scouts!!


Posted by bheldke on Oct 5 2020 - 4:38pm

No, not the Florida Gators... but the new Troop 755 neck gaiters that provide essential protection from COVID-19, the weather, the sun.  

These can be worn as face coverings, neckwear, headbands, and even wristbands or hair ties.  

These are now available in two color schemes in the Class B Store for $20.   

Proceeds go to the Troop general fund as well as the Dominic Duhn Scholarship Fund. 

Click here to see how awesome they look.


Available at the CLASS B store here

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