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 March 17-19, 2023

Camp Falling Rock, OH

Hocking Hills Hiking

Hocking Hills State Park, OH


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West Point - Scouts and Parents - Mon 6:40pm planning mtg 3/20

Posted by mchalom on Mar 14 2023 - 10:05pm

West Point Scouts and Parents,
Please attend our planning meeting – Monday in the church gym at 6:40pm on March 20.
This is before the Troop meeting and Mr. Garbacik is kindly compressing his Bruce Peninsula meeting to 40 mins, for us.

MB Counselors - 2 Cooking & 1 Fishing needed

Posted by mchalom on Mar 14 2023 - 10:05pm

Troop parents,
We ask each family to help run the Troop in some way.
So please consider volunteering to help with running a Merit Badge!

We are looking for 2x cooking and 1x fishing – starting April 3.

MB Counselors needed - April-May

Posted by mchalom on Mar 1 2023 - 9:09pm

Please help to teach one Merit Badge.  I only ask people to run one MB per year, so people don’t get burned out.

We will start the new MB session on April 3.  By April, we will be meeting at Waterford Bend.
(If you are currently busy, see below for MBs later in the year)

West Point -- accepted! Pay your deposit!

Posted by mchalom on Feb 15 2023 - 10:45pm

We were accepted to attend the West Point camporee!   Hoo-rah! 
Please pay your $40 deposit now: https://www.troop755.org/node/13730/signup/attending
If you would like to attend, we still have a few spaces!  Contact Mr. Chalom by Feb26 and he will add you to the list.
See below for more info on upcoming planning meeting and help needed.

Bruce Peninsula Organizational Meeting Monday, 6:00 pm

Posted by bheldke on Feb 10 2023 - 9:30am

Will be in the gym prior to the regular meeting at 6:00 pm

The next key step for this trip is:
In order to visit the Grotto at the Bruce Peninsula National Park we need to figure out our crews and drivers so that those drivers can apply for a parking pass starting on 2/24/23 so that each Crew will be able to experience it. Each crew will most likely need 2 drivers that can take the entire crew for each day of the trip.  So if  you don't sign up soon you will not have the opportunity to see the Grotto, which will be a shame.

West Point Camporee - info mtg Jan 9

Posted by admin on Jan 28 2023 - 11:22am

 informational meeting at 6:15pm on Monday January 9 in the church gym.

The stations include a lot of team-building and leadership activities, such as ‘rescue a hostage in the woods’, leading your blindfolded patrol through a course, army-crawl to rescue a team-mate, problem-solving, paddling race, weapons familiarization, fire-building, etc.

We will have our own Troop755 Eagle Scout, John Smith, and Northville High School alumnus, Brandon Liu, there to join us.  I hope we will also get to meet some of the other cadets that we wrote to over the summer.



West Point is in New York State and is a 10 hour drive.  So we will leave Thursday afternoon (and stay at a Scout camp overnight) or leave on Friday morning.  (We always used to leave Thursday afternoon when we went before).

If we need to, we can rent 15-passenger Ford Transit vans but renting is expensive.  If we can have enough parents with large SUVs, we should be able to save money.  Either way, we will need a number of parents to be drivers.


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