Top level folder for Files

Adult Positions of Responsibility

This folder contains adult leader roles and responsibilities

Annual Troop Photos

This folder contains the annual troop photo at FULL resolution for making 8x10 prints at high resolution. These are large files!

Camping Resources

This folder contains documents that are helpful in planning and preparing for a campout.

Committee Meeting Documents

Folder containing Agendas and Minutes from the Troop 755 Committee Meetings

COVID-19 Scouting Restarting Files

These are the documents issued by the Michigan Crossroads Council (MCC) for restarting scouting during the COVID-19 pandemic.


descriptions, owners manuals, company contact information on troop equipment


This folder contains various Scouting forms.

MP3's and Podcasts

This folder contains various MP3's and podcasts created by the Troop over the years.

Patrol Leader Council

youth leaders add to this folder


This folder contains various Troop 755 policies.


forms and sales aids

Scout Resources

Folder for things like skits, flag ceremonies, etc.

Summer Camp Files

Repository for files related to Summer Camp

Trip Reports

This folder contains various trip reports prepared by Scouts on various campouts.

Troop 755 in the News

This folder contains Troop press releases and newspaper articles that have been written about Troop 755.

University of Scouting

Troop 755 is a major participant and contributor to the University of Scouting. Various documents used to support this effort can be found here.

Video Clips

This folder contains video clips from past Troop 755 campouts.

Website Documents

This folder contains documents to help Troop members use the Troop's website.

Youth Leadership Training

This folder lists the files and reference documents developed for the Youth Leadership Subcommittee. NOTE: This folder contains DRAFT policies and other proposals that have not yet been approved by the full Troop 755 Committee.

Class B Online Store

This folder is used to store files for the online store.
There are currently no items in this folder.